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Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Quick Road Trip

We returned a week ago today (Sunday, June 30th) from a quick road trip of four days that took us to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Winslow, Arizona. In Santa Fe we visited Katie's sister and husband, who have just moved into a new house that they built themselves. Very beautiful. In Winslow we visited our favorite hotel and restaurant - La Posada and The Turquoise Room. Santa Fe is blessed with about 5 times as many bookstores as Tucson has - doesn't seem fair. Regardless, I managed to visit four stores while we were there.

Nicholas Potter is closing his open shop that has been on Palace across from the Cathedral for many years. I have stopped in every once awhile for over 15 years now - I will miss his shop and chatting with him. Between now and Labor Day he will continue his draw-down sale and then close shop after that.

I browsed through Gunstock Hill Books (my first visit) and noted many desirable titles - more than I could cope with during my short stay. This store is owned by Henry A. Lewis and can be visited on the web at   www.gunstockhillbooks.com

I have visited Dumont Maps & Books of the West a number of times and always find many items of interest. This store is in a slightly different location than when I last visited. It is owned by Andre and Carol Dumont and is now at 407 West San Francisco Street. Visit them at  www.dumontbooks.com

Finally, I stopped by Books of Interest, another first time visit. Lots of art books plus a diverse stock of both new and used titles. This was a pleasant stop and I will definitely visit again. This store is owned by Leo and Elizabeth Romero. They are on the web at   www.booksofinterest.com  There is a photo gallery of this store at    http://www.flickr.com/photos/booksofinterestsfcomphotos/

Although the landscapes were hot and terribly parched and skies were smokey the whole trip, we had an enjoyable time. Some of the books that adopted us and came home to Tucson are shown below.