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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Updates Re Catalogues and Web Page

We have been struggling to keep our web page updated and are trying a different approach. We are adding special lists and catalogues to the web page with buy buttons so that books can be purchased directly from these. Catalogue 27 and the special list, Swamps, Keys, and Rip Tides, have been combined and its header is shown above. This list is available at the web page.

Our Holidays catalogue (header below - note I got a bit ahead of the calendar) will be mailed out during the coming week. If anyone would like a hard copy via snail mail, drop me an email at                                                                         bob@squidinkbooks.com
The new catalogue will be up on the web page, with buy buttons, in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Ad For Jul-Aug Issue Of Firsts

We have a new ad in the July-August issue of Firsts The Book Collector's Magazine - see above. The ad was designed to mesh with the article on collecting author Ross Thomas. Cover of the issue of the magazine is shown below. Info about the magazine is at:  www.firstsmagazine.com

The special list of titles mentioned in the ad is up on the Squid Ink webpage and this link should take anyone interested in viewing it directly to the list: 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Recent Reads - Winter's Bone and Tree of Smoke

Have been reading many books, as usual. I typically am going through both a fiction title and a nonfiction title simultaneously. Here are my brief reactions to two recent reads.

First, I have to admit that we rented the movie before I read the book. Woodrell's book is set in winter in the Missouri Ozarks and focuses on extended families living rough and hardscrabble lives, many of them resorting to cooking meth to survive in the grim economy. It is a gritty, harsh story that involves a missing father and his daughter's frantic search for him, when it seems he's jumped bail. The book is beautifully written and captures the tone of the Ozark's - the hill country Ozarks, not Branson. I enjoyed reading it and it was over too soon.

The Indie movie was well received; introduced Jennifer Lawrence; won a Sundance Grand Jury Prize in 2010; and was nominated for four Oscars. The movie captures the Ozark country in winter tones of brown and gray, rather than the snow and ice and bitter cold that feature prominently in the book.

I recommend the book and the movie, although neither are for the squeamish or faint-of-heart.

I managed to make it through Johnson's lengthy novel of the CIA and Southeast Asia, but just barely. This novel was the winner of the National Book Award; I was left wondering "Why?" I found parts of it quite interesting and relevant to the sad history of the Vietnam War. But interesting and readable segments seemed to be separated by tens of pages (the book is a heavy 600+ pages long) of hard-to-read verbiage. It is clear from reviews and reactions online that readers' reacted to the book in a very binary way, either loving it or struggling to read the thing. I wouldn't recommend it but clearly many others would.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dickens Alley, Loveland, Colorado

I have recently visited a very interesting store in Loveland, Colorado. Dickens Alley is located in Loveland's old downtown and carries an eclectic range of collectible books, art, and antiques. Some information about the store is online at  http://www.dickensalley.com/  and the owner, Don Pierce, can be contacted at
dickens.alley@comcast.net. Don was very hospitable during my three visits to his store - since his store is filled with a large variety of books, it took visits on three days to decide what interested me.

Some of the books that returned with me to Tucson are shown above and below.

    Finally, two shots I took inside the store are shown below. all-in-all an interesting an enjoyable visit.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Catalog 24 - New Years 2014 Now Available

Have just finished putting together a catalog for the new year - it is our 24th. The catalog includes the following sections: Fiction; A.S.A.P. Publications; Tony Hillerman; Other Mysteries; Non-Fiction; and Childrens and Juvenile.

Copies are available via e-mail (attached as a pdf) or by snail mail - if you want a copy please e-mail me at                                                               bob@squidinkbooks.com